Wax Flameless Candles Combine Tradition and Convenience

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Wax flameless candles are the most realistic of the LED candle family. These products are completely safe and provide candlelight powered by LED technology that mimics the flicker and glow of traditional candles. They also provide the latest in convenience, with programmable pillars and votives available. Set a timer that will automatically turn your candles on and off at specific times or use a remote to control candles in difficult-to-reach areas. But even though these candles demonstrate the latest in modern technology, they look remarkably like traditional wax candles.

LED bulbs replicate the “moving flame” effect and add randomized flickering for a candlelight effect that’s virtually indistinguishable from an actual flame. Realistic looking “wicks” add to the authentic look. And finally, these candles are dipped or coated with wax, giving them the look, feel, and even the smell of regular wax candles. Wax flameless candles: traditional look, ultra-modern, safe and convenient!
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Flameless Candle Advantages

Some of the reasons why customers are switching to flameless wax candles include:
  • Safety. Too many fires and burns can be traced back to a single careless moment with an open flame candle. In fact, many institutions have now banned traditional candles due to safety concerns. On the other hand, flameless LED candles are completely safe. They can be used anywhere, by anyone.
  • Durability. Flameless candles last for years and they provide hundreds (and even thousands) of hours of candlelight before their batteries need to be replaced.
  • Economy. Because flameless products are so durable, using them will offer substantial savings for those who use candles regularly.
  • Convenience. Because LED candles can be programmed to turn on and off at specified times, and because they can be controlled with remotes, they are far more convenient than regular candles.
  • Environmental Friendliness. LEDs don’t contain any toxins, and they’re 100% recyclable. Many flameless products use rechargeable batteries.
Another major reason is that better flameless candle suppliers carry all the season’s hottest trends, such as rustic candles or ombre colours. Check out flameless candles today and discover more advantages of these safe and attractive products.

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